SM Squaddie Skinhead Biker Bootlicker John's Home Page, London, England

John London England skinhead seeking bondage, boots, PA, steel, motorbiking, hiking

Masters and fellow slaves: I've reached my fifties in not bad shape. Still based in Hammersmith, West London. Yes, I've been around the block a few times, got the t-shirts and had them ripped off me, written the book and this website and I'm still looking for more and harder safe horny fun... mutual fun or me as sub if you fancy trying to get inside my mind.

SM and fetish fun are important, let's do it well.
Get in touch now and let's go for it

Scroll on down for what's currently horny with me in 2011:-
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Kinkgym: real work out fantasies

steel chain or rope bondage

Rugger shorts - 28" or 30" waist

Some of what's in my Heavy Metal Toy Box

riding hard and fast

Roman tyro gladiator

Been there, done it, hard: click here to go back to my website as it was through my forties. Enjoy!:
SM Squaddie Skinhead Biker Bootlicker John's Home Page, London, England

London England United Kingdom UK skinhead squaddie seeking soldiers, submission wrestlers, doctor fantasies, rope bondage, backpacking, boots and shorts gay bdsm skin
motorbiker soldier boot submissive CP leather rubber military combat wrestling

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Chastity Blog
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Experimental archeaology: T.E. Lawrence motorcycling (sore-arsed bike ride)
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Leather/rubber submissive squaddie skinhead biker John, London
Lederhosen - Sepplhosen - Kniebundlederhosen
Les galeres et les galeriens de l'ancien regime de France
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My Faustian Quest for the perfect SM moment
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Some of what's in my Heavy Metal Toy Box

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Uri, vinciri, verberari, ferroque necari
Uri, vinciri, verberari, ferroque necari
Vagevuur Adieu! - The Vagevuur is closed
Vélo sports plug au cul
Vous devez faire ceci avant que l'âge de 25 ou 30
White shorts
You Must Do This Before the Age of ... or You'll Always Regret It!

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No interest in any politics - adult recreational interests only
Thanks and cheers, John

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