Bunker TQB 6/47

Tactical Questioning Bunker 6/47
a real underground bunker for fantasy military drill and PT

squaddieJH in NBC kit at the bunker


"The bunker" was a former ROC Royal Observer Corps Observation Post that was acquired by some military fantasy training enthusiasts to pursue privately their fantasies in realistic surroundings.
TQB 6/47 was adopted as the name of the site of this fantasy Resistance to Interrogation - RTI - and fantasy Military Correctional Training Centre - MCTC

In addition to the original underground chamber with floor level approximately 5m below the surface and reached by a vertical iron ladder, the bunker site eventually comprised a small assault/obstacle course, an electricity generator and a mess cabin: "The Radio Cabin".

The following is a letter that a typical potential recruit received in the first instance.

20 September 199x

Dear recruit,

Thank you for your letter to advert reference 3931.

The advert was intended to attract response from people interested in soldiering fantasies.

What is real is that we have access to a remote site in the country about two hours drive from London, where there is an underground nuclear bunker, one of nearly a thousand that the MoD used to maintain in readiness for nuclear war.

Also on the site are messing facilities and basic accommodation sufficient for a few squaddie types to live in boots and combat kit for a weekend or so.

What we have in mind is toughening up training including PT, drill and resistance to interrogation and torture training. The latter is not usually available to TA or reserve volunteers so it may interest you.

Some weekends so far have included construction work and I anticipate a painting weekend before the winter sets in but nothing is compulsory except that if you agree to something and then wimp out you know what your mates will think of you.

If this proposal still interests you then I need to have the following details included in your next communication as well as any questions you may have and a recent photo - shirtless preferred.

  • Current fitness level

  • usual training schedule both running and gym workouts

  • Previous military experience

  • Previous SM experience

  • Own or borrowed kit available

Interest/experience in any of the following areas:

  • Interrogation resistance training

  • Toughening up

  • Fitness training

  • Night escape and evasion

  • Stalking

  • NBC

  • PT/assault course

  • CP and field punishments

It was good while it lasted but the site has now been sold and the bunker has other uses.

Update August 2005 I revisited the bunker site for the first time since selling it. Looking from outside the perimeter fencing, the site is now very overgrown with lots of bracken and weeds. The obstacle course and triangle have been removed. The birch trees I planted are coming on fine and are up to about five metres height, those that have survived. It looks like the current user is not using the generator bunker at all.

Morgan relates some tales about training at the bunker in his book "More and Harder"
see chapters: "Recruit Training at the Bunker", "Recruit Training", "Training at the Bunker" and "Weekend at the Bunker".

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