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medical fetishes - medfet - and sadomasochism in the surgery

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Medical fantasies:

  1. Symptoms and Ailments
  2. Medicals
  3. Crepe Bandage bondage and restraint
  4. Plaster
  5. Chiropractors and massage
  6. Dentists and dental torture
  7. Training and Limits

Punitive Medicine

Medical examinations bulletin board: real life sadomasochism in the surgery

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Symptoms and Ailments

We're at our most defenceless when feeling poorly; the medical professionals - doctors and nurses - have developed ways to deal with us that ensure the control that the professionals desire whilst normally minimising the humiliation and lapses of social norms that investigations or treatments inevitably incur.

In a medical situation we are conditioned to be submissive; we position our bodies as we are told and our replies to the Questions we are asked determine the treatment that we are to receive.

The treatment prescribed may be humiliating or painful but we are conditioned to accept it because it will make us better.

This domination/submission situation and its sexual overtones are exploited when playing the role of patient to a fantasy doctor or nurse. The examination is designed to humiliate the submissive patient: this is emphasised by requiring the patient to strip off all clothing and jewelry. During the course of the examination the naked patient is required to move into humiliating positions, the examination includes touching the patient externally, including intimate areas such as the arm pits and genitals, and then internally at all orifices.

An involuntary erection may result in further humiliation of the naked male patient.

The medical profession has many instruments with which to invade the body of a patient and equipment designed to hold the patient securely yet humiliatingly open to examination.

Simple procedures can be administered in a humiliating manner to the fully-naked patient: vital signs - core temperature (measured rectally) and blood pressures; mouthwashing under close supervision, administration of rectal suppositories and enemas.

Reactions can be tested, body hair shaved and samples required of all body fluids

Reflexes can be tested: in particular the subject can be trained to control his gag reflex by being able to accept two or more latex-gloved fingers in his mouth and deep in his throat. This will also test the production of saliva.

Pain thresholds, pain masking and resistance to pain may be tested.

Male inverted nipples: repeated nipple traction treatment or nipple suction to reverse inversion and produce temporary or permanent nipple projection. Note: this requires patient tolerance of localised nipple pain.

For sportsmen, the aerobic threshold may be measured and endurance testing recommended if time and suitable equipment is available.

A good starting point is for the patient to be required to drink a litre (2 pints) of plain water at the beginning of the examination, but to be forbidden to pass it until specifically told to pass it as a sample, under observation. This can include checking that the patient can stop and restart the flow on command.

Some common symptoms


All squaddie recruits - and martial arts sportsmen - are familiar with a medical examination intended to check their fitness to fight. It is a cross between an army medical, a visit to the clap clinic and a strip search. They start off stripped to the waist for a chest examination and finish up fully-naked. A doctor with a sadistic attitude can make it a memorably humiliating procedure.

There is complete body examination including detailed cock and balls examination and a rectal examination. They may also have to answer questions about their sex life - when most recently penetrated orally and anally and the frequency and times of masturbation. There may also be a written questionnaire to complete and sign.

Some archaic institutional medicals routinely finished with the administration of a glycerine suppository to ensure a thorough clear-out: many common complaints were attributed to constipation. Contrary to the usual enema procedure, the patient was dismissed from the Surgery whilst still retaining the suppository. Some time later, he would become totally, overwhelmingly and maybe humiliatingly focussed on its effects. Suppository Workshop - Body-awareness and self-control for the perverted

US draft board nude medicals - contributed by FH

In the USA, the draft board played a role in the future of yung men until 1972. I had to report for my physical exam and had heard all sorts of awful stories about crowds of guys all nude for an hour & more. All those stories turned out to be true & perhaps a little understated as well. It was absolutely eerie to be required to do knee bends & hop on one leg while nude so the docs could chek yur heart while it was racing, and chek yur testicles too under the duress of calisthenics. Guys with a foreskin had to draw it back for an intimate search of that area all with an audience of 50-60 guys watching. Anal exam included of course. Lots of boners were obvious for various periods of time. I can recall one nurse nearby, doing clerical work. Part of the time we were in line one behind the other, and having a guy's naked butt two inches from yu seemed WILD. At other times we were 30 guys nude facing another 30, all done in the name of getting yu used to group nudity since army gang showers awaited us all soon enough.

Crepe Bandage Bondage and Restraint

Crepe bandages are available in almost any First Aid kit and they are surprisingly effective when used to restrain a patient, they are also comfortable to wear when applied wound flat against the skin, tight but not over-tight.

Crepe bandage can be used to immobilise a joint, restrain a limb to a fixed object or limb to limb.

Bandaging can be to one area of the body only or almost total coverage and total control and combined with other medical procedures and gadgets: catheters and tubes particularly come to mind...

The crepe binding can be removed by unwinding or cut away using round ended scissors.

Crepe bandaging can be the basis for plaster casts - see links below.


My local hospital holds a fracture clinic; when you go there as a patient you see the doctors, the nurses, the radiologists for x-rays and eventually the guys in the plaster clinic. How do you get to learn the trade of the plaster room: it's got to be by the students putting plasters on each other and some have got to be more fun than others. What's the plaster like for a groin fracture then? So are there any pranks at a fracture clinic's party, like putting the guest of honour in a plaster for a short while? There must be some stories: Get in touch

Massage and Chiropractors

Massage doesn't have to be pleasureable: it can be specifically orientated towards inducing pain in muscles and pressure points. There are masseurs who specialise in heavy massage and aim to continue until begged to stop, and then some. It takes small strong hands that know where to pull, push and knead for maximum effect to work a body over mean. Infuriatingly, the moment the patient asks for the massage to cease, he'll regret it and probably beg for more.

How about a big, strong, mean real chiropractor working on your neck and back. Don't attempt this unless he is properly qualified. With a quick twist of your head you hear and feel a big snap. Then he cracks and pops your spine all the way down to your butt. At that point when you're ready to get up, he pushes you back down onto the table with a thud. Grabbing your ankle he starts lifting your foot towards the middle of your poor back. You feel your leg stretching and muscles pulling. While pulling your leg, he takes hold of your foot and starts cracking and twisting your toes and ankle. You really start to feel it when you see your foot being pushed toward your face. OK pal... What happens next? Remember the Doc is in control...

Dentists and dental torture: pain and guilt

The regular trip to the dentist when you hope there's nothing wrong is bad enough. Submitting to a routine examination on the chair whilst laying in a crotch-exposed position is notorious not least for the fear of the involuntary erection. The whole experience of routine dentistry is unusual and frightening, the stuff of nightmares and phobias. Pain and guilt: the same potent combination of emotions that triggers many other fantasies.

Routine cleaning is almost always part of it and most of us have experienced necessary drilling of dental cavities, followed by the lecture on oral hygiene delivered to the guilt-ridden patient. And who is not guilty of missing out on tooth cleaning drill?

For those who fear the injection needle more than the pain of necessary drilling, dentists used to offer to drill a cavity without the anaesthesia, the jaw numbing injection of Novacaine, or whatever they use.

A mate of mine who often wears para t-shirts went to dentist with the wings of the parachute regiment emblazoned on his chest, was told a tooth required drilling and filling; as he was a tough man para, the dentist said he wouldn't insult him by offering him an injection... or perhaps he was just being a cheapskate or wanting to get on to the next patient without having to wait for the anaesthetic to take.

The movie Marathon Man includes a memorably toe-curling dental interrogation scene where a teeth are drilled down to the nerve without anaesthesia to extract... information.

Professional dentists try to put us at our ease so that they can work on a relaxed patient; I wonder how many patients (and dentists) would prefer the patient to be restrained in the chair with leather or rubber straps so that we don't have to make that choice to stay there and be treated.

It's probably unlikely that a dentist would commit the amount of capital necessary to run a surgery specifically for the bdsm type of client, although I'm standing by for someone to make contact and say that it exists in West Hollywood or NYC. There are many dental practices that have a second surgery for the hygienist: those tedious but necessary cleaning procedures could be performed under restraint...

Something to think about the next time you're in the "Open Wide" and recumbent position on the dentist's chair. Mind you don't get a hard on!

Training and Limits

Sexual pleasure is important but good health is much more important. Safe sane consensual play has necessary limitations. I never want to cause or receive damage to myself or others. See my usual limits

Restricting pissing to three times a day only is good self-control; remember it is not safe to reduce the overall amount of liquid intake: drink the same amount of liquid per day but hold it for longer. This self-training is invisible to outsiders.

Masturbation to a specific programme may be recommended to increase the volume and frequency of ejaculations. A diary may be required to record the times of ejaculation and the volume of ejaculate produced.

Training may also be recommended to increase the shooting distance that fluid travels from the body at ejaculation.

Masturbation restriction and erection control may need to be enforced using a chastity device.

I am always looking for an opportunity to become a test subject for a masturbation study. Get in touch

Masturbation programme suggestions intended to train to increase frequency and satisfaction of masturbation:

  1. A progressive increase in number of jack-offs, followed by a period of interdiction and then several in in quick succession for a complete ball-emtying.
  2. A staged decrease in frequency of pissing combined with an increase in frequency of jacking off
  3. Pubococcygeus muscle training (PC muscle Kegel clenches)
  4. Cum control blogs on

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For further training see Cold Showers Are Good For You


For real ailments: see a real doctor.

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