Naked hiking

squaddie John hiking naked

John, 5'9"/148lbs/40's (1m75/68kg); #2 cropped brown hair, slim, muscular, pa; weight trains (barbells and dumbbells), hikes regularly; wrestles and spars when possible. Lives London, England, Francophone, travels Europe frequently air/rail and CBR600F motorbike. More about me . Personal Page

Mountain hiking and backpacking

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Naked hiking

Hiking with your kit off can be great. There's the warmth of the sunshine and the coolness of the breeze against naked flesh, the physical sensations as your body parts swing unrestrained by cloth and clothes. Muscles rippling on view, sweat running.

You're also ready for a dip in a pool or river to cool off or possibly even a natural cold shower under a waterfall or cascade.

Yes, it's not to be done everywhere and the insects and sunshine will catch the unprepared!

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