Pony Training and Rickshaw Running - gay male SM roleplay fantasies

squaddie John as an SM fantasy pony


I'm John, I'm located in London, England, male, muscular and slim. 40's, 5'9" 10st 8 (=148lbs).
I work out and run regularly. Brown hair cropped short. The picture shows me harnessed and being driven as an SM fantasy pony.
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Horse and pony training fantasies and roleplay

First became aware of horse and pony play training fantasies through Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy; then I met a man in England who did Pony Training on me on several occasions outdoors, which included dressage type training.

Pony training involves leather tack (straps) which is cinched tight or slides over the naked skin of pony slave, Obedience training where the pony learns to responds to verbal and physical commands from the reins commands and is corrected using a stick across the flanks or shoulders. Ponies also learn to step to command and to trot, walk and stop to command. Blindfold, hood or blinkers can be used to ensure that the pony concentrates on the commands from the driver and the reins.

I now prefer cart pulling - naked except for harness and boots, with plug and clips if required or demanded.

I like the pony fantasy because it is the harnessing of a muscular and subservient man to the service of his Master. His control is non-verbal: receiving instructions by shakes of the reins and correction with the kiss of the crop or the tail of the whip.

My trainer likes to see my tackle, preferably standing up smartly at attention. He punishes me with stripes across my shoulders or buttocks or with menthyl cream rubbed on my skin.

We progressed from this one-on-one scenario when we participated at an event organised by The Other Pony Club. This took place in a secluded field in farmland in the England/Wales Border country. About half a dozen horse and rider outfits convened for a day of dressage, speed racing and comparative horse and cart driving. The weather was kind and it was an enjoyable meeting.

Anyone in England like a partly trained horse to break in fully or need a second animal to complete a Team?

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Rickshaw Running - Ricksha Pulling

My belief is that the pony fantasy is derived from the Far-Eastern rickshaw taxi transport: jinriksha

inrikisha Japanese jinrikisha : jin, person (from Middle Chinese nyin, rin) + riki, strength (from Middle Chinese lik) + sha, vehicle (from Middle Chinese chia).

The ricksha is said to have been invented in Japan by an American Baptist missionary in 1871. It was introduced to Calcutta in 1900 by Chinese residents for their personal use and they began hauling other passengers in 1914. Today most rickshas are owned not by pullers but by businessmen and, it is believed, by several policemen too.

ricksha A ricksha is a two wheeled cart. A person rides while a person pulls them. It usually has a top or hood to protect the passenger. Runners or hikers run between the shafts and pull passengers 20 - 30 miles ( 32- 48 km) a day. They first used rickshas in the 1870's in China.

When rickshaws were first invented ...

Barefoot rickshaw puller, Singapore, 1903

Hanoi rickshaws

Rickshaw puller, Singapore, 1903

Virtual Hanoi

hand-rickshaw the Jin riki sha

Jin Riki Sha: On the history of the hand-rickshaw in Calcutta

The Last Rickshaw Puller of Hong Kong



Pedicabs and Bicitaxis - bicycle hauled rickshaws

bicycle hauled rickshaws

The modern rickshaw equivalent is the Pedicab.

Tourist or business-person takes the shaded seat and the motive power is provided by the the rickshaw runner or pedicab pedaller.


Can't find an sm pony driver or need some cash in a tourist area - enroll as a pedicab chauffeur!


pedicab chauffeur

The Soul of a Pedicab Chauffeur

The Bicitaxi is used in parts of Latin America, usually in coastal areas with warm climate. it is called the Bicitaxi because (like the peditaxi) it is basically a bicycle with a seat for two people behind the driver's seat, a subtype of pedicab.

Peditaxis and bicitaxis differ in that bicitaxis are MUCH more primitive. Usually bicitaxis are handmade by the bicitaxi owner and are very personalised. Bicitaxis often do not have a roof for anybody but commonly they have roofs for both passenger and driver. The roof for the passenger-only pedicab style is not the norm for a bicitaxi.

One place bicitaxis are thriving is in Cuba. Bicitaxis are everywhere and will take you everywhere. Bicitaxi rides can be very intimate if you speak Spanish fluently as the driver is close enough for conversation. You are very aware of the bicitaxi driver's physical effort throughout the ride. It can also become a sexual relationship even though the relationship is fundamentally bicitaxi driver and client.

Sadly the Cuban government has now apparently prohibited bicitaxi drivers from taking tourist passengers. Without tourist dollars they will suffer greatly.  Bicitaxis are found in every town on that island; their clients are not only tourists but rather as local transport with the majority of users being Cuban nationals.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica is another place with similar primitive types of bicitaxis, usually with no roof whatsoever and also used for cargo. Puntarenas is a somewhat rundown and seedy port on Costa Rica's Pacific side which sits on a peninsula about a half mile wide or less and several mile long. It's ideal pedicab country.

Mexico City (and other parts of Mexico) also have peditaxis. They seem to look like the more traditional pedicabs though. They are interesting in that they operate at very high altitudes, over 8,000 feet up!  The high altitude is responsible for a lower oxygen content in the air which seems to make for much more of a challenge then the usual peditaxi ride. An hour's ride in central Mexico City is very challenging ride even for a fit driver and stimulating in many ways for both the rider and peditaxi driver.

I'm grateful to Tony from Miami for his knowledgable assistance on the subject of pedicabs and bicitaxis.

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There is a darker side also, of poverty and exploitation:

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