Leather/rubber submissive skinhead CBR600FW & CBR600RR biker

squaddie skinhead biker
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Honda CBR600FW with full riding leathers, boots and toys.
Enjoys hard riding - riding hard...UK & Europe.

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Fear fetish flogging fireworks...

Bike slave weekend with slave M from Bonn: we both rode in unlined leather, hide to skin. M's first motorbike trip ever ended with him and me stripped naked in Master S's playroom in Brighton; we were both tied up, thrashed and despunked. M's fear as a pillion of being out of control on the road led directly to his surrender on the flogging frame.

Then we went to my best mate's for a pleasant, social dinner, followed by fireworks nearby in Preston Park. Sunday, M again rode pillion on my CBR600 to appreciate a National Trust house with a wealth of original artwork including the Romo-Grecian statues of naked men in the annexe. June 2004

London skinhead - Hammersmith

First #1 crop in 1982

Skinhead boots include 20 hole DMs and 20 hole Rangers.

Jeans, combats and Fred Perry shirts worn muscle-tight.

No politics but likes the music.

Skinhead rebel: rebel or submit. Is your skin original?

skin at Hammersmith Bridge

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