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John, 5'9"/148lbs/40's (1m75/68kg); #2 cropped brown hair, slim, muscular, pa; weight trains (barbells and dumbbells), hikes regularly; wrestles and spars when possible. Lives London, England, Francophone, travels Europe frequently air/rail and CBR600F motorbike.
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Experienced in Military discipline, Stockade/Brig or Escape/Evasion and Interrogation Resistance, Bootcamp regimes. Prisoner of War scenarios.

Combat/utility/PT uniforms - British, Légion Etrangère, US, Bundeswehr etc

Absolutely non-political.

Experienced with European gay soldiers' groups - GBI, Trupp Florian, Köln Oliv, etc.

Example of a Recruit Pass - translation of document from Köln Oliv manoevres 1993-7

At the induction session of each training weekend, each recruit in the group was ordered to strip, medically inspected and asked questions about his likes, dislikes and fantasies. His replies were written on this pass before he was inspected wearing his uniform.

The recruit was ordered to carry his pass at all times in the top left pocket of his uniform jacket. Anyone in in authority over a recruit (a trainer or an MP) had authority to inspect the recruit's pass and to use it to determine appropriate training or punishments.

Enduring this induction procedure followed by submitting to a regime of training, drill and discipline over several days produced a very strong recruit camaraderie and bonding.

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