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Gay soldier camps

Several gay soldiers' groups are running camps and manoeuvres this year. No weapons and no politics. These include meetings in gay bars where the dress code requires everyone to attend in uniform, overnight meetings in hostel accommodation or gay soldiers camping in forests etc with structured and disciplined military training manoeuvres, social activities, plus spontaneous activities occurring in the bushes between consenting partners. These events offer the possibility of living and working together in close proximity within a common hierarchical structure; such inter-reliance is rare in the gay world.

Procedures at Köln Oliv manoeuvres 1993-7

At the induction session of each training weekend, each recruit in the group was ordered to strip, medically inspected and asked questions about his likes, dislikes and fantasies. His replies were written on this pass before he was inspected wearing his uniform.

The recruit was ordered to carry his pass at all times in the top left pocket of his uniform jacket. Anyone in in authority over a recruit (a trainer or an MP) had authority to inspect the recruit's pass and to use it to determine appropriate training or punishments.

Enduring this induction procedure followed by submitting to a regime of training, drill and discipline over several days produced a very strong recruit camaraderie and bonding.

Example of a Recruit Pass

UK milism hiking

Dartmoor Spring 2007
Dartmoor spring 2007

There are various small UK groups who are holding informal camps about twice a year: spring and autumn, possibly another in the summer. Usually up to about a dozen gay soldiers staying in an isolated bunkhouse.
For more details about share-costs not-for-profit gay soldiers camps in the UK contact squaddie John
Dartmoor is one of the places in the UK which is big enough to play out of doors with both little chance of being disturbed and plenty of chance for a lookout to notice if anyone else does happen to want to come close. We had some quite successful play at the top of a tor with good all-round visibility and some more in a forest clearing.
Spring 2007 was to a bunkhouse we have not used before so he night hike was pretty limited but now we know the area there is more potential. Further activity weekends have taken place Autumn 2007 and Spring 2008, also on a share costs / not-for-profit basis. We have used the facilities inside for bondage (including overnight bondage) and fantasy photography; enjoyed various flavours of hiking depending on the weather (we've varied from one hour Sunday morning hike to 18 mile all day Saturday, also a hike in torrential rain and several nighttime and pre-dawn hikes).

Dress: military type hiking kit outside, no badges. Sportskit indoors.Dormitory and showers... as you wish.
No specific age range but previously everyone has been in the age range 35-55 and up for at least a one-hour hike on moorland in good weather but there's some scope for non-hikers who stay in the bunkhouse all day.

For details of current activities, contact the following in English or their language:

Squaddie fitness training

My US Army Physical Readiness Test scorecard from PT tests conducted in Pennsylvania and HochSauerland

Gay Squaddie Fitness Test - GSFT

US Army training manual FM 21-20 Physical Fitness Training

Also in the UK there are battle re-enactment societies and some groups who participate in military vehicle rallies - neither of these specify or specifically exclude "gay" orientation.

The pictures above are links to a commercial outfit which trains in the London Parks. British Military Fitness. Run by Robin Cope, Major(retd) it does not appear to be intended for any particular sexuality. I have no connection with this group.

Live action role-play

You might also consider live action roleplay - enacting in the real world the sort of scenarios that are common in fantasy gaming or war gaming. Some groups use soft rubber edged weapons, others use paintball or airsoft firearms. These groups are not intended for any particular sexuality and I have no direct experience of their activities.

See also this paintball chat thread

What hurts worse? shot to the balls | shot to the neck/throat | shot to the jaw line

Reality television

Several UK reality television programmes have been run on the basis of putting volunteers off the streets through various flavours of current and historic military basic training.

TV brings the resource to set up and sustain these situations; programmes such as "Lads Army" and "Bad Lads Army" allow us to study voyeuristically the group dynamics from our sofas but we can't participate and get the thrill of working as a team who live and work close together. Kit layouts and inspections, extra fatigues, punishment PT etc.

Shower scenes and stiff cocks at the morning PT shorts inspection have been shown but these programmes have stopped short of overt sexual sadomasochism; man to man reliance has been played down except for the peer pressure on poor performance. Above all, none of these programmes have been about an all-gay male group who want to experience military training.

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