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Upsizing my PA ring - November 2003

My larger gauge Prince Albert ring is very pleasing, very interesting... As well as feeling larger in my hand, when moving the extra weight tugs noticeably more and the increased volume of implanted metal passing through my flesh draws attention to itself just because it is there.

The previous 3mm ball closure ring has been in place for fifteen years or more as it was one of the first done by Scimitar, which Paul ran from a flat in Camberwell. The surgical stainless steel has been dulled by years of exposure to body fluids.

Back in the 1980's it was really only Mr Sebastian and Scimitar who were doing Prince Albert piercings in the UK. Otherwise you had to go to Jim Ward of Gauntlet in California for an appointment with the piercing needle.

Ball closure rings retain the ball simply by the rigidity of the metal bar that has been formed into a ring. The large the gauge the more force needed to deform the metal. In practice this means that a ball closure rings are increasingly difficult to install with thicker gauge. Installation in sensitive flesh is tricky and delicate. Once installed, the ring cannot be removed without careful use of tools. That's great, "ringed for life" would be an exaggeration but the ring cannot be removed on a casual basis, unlike circular barbells. That's why my PA ring has remained in place for so long.

Recently I've also been playing with a Princes Wand but have decided to go for a larger Prince Albert ring rather than move towards wearing a wand full-time. Now I've upsized, it won't be practical to swap between ring and wand.

Upsizing diameter by 1mm to 4mm diameter doesn't sound much but the weight of the jewellery and volume of metal passing though the pierced flesh increases by more than 50% because of basic geometry. The surface area in contact also considerably increases.

Surgical stainless steel is inert so there's no allergic reaction and as it's a well established piercing of fifteen years standing, upsizing has been pain-free so there has been no masking of the reaction as the flesh and nerves communicate the presence of the larger metal ring. It's very agreeable to have your attention constantly drawn to an erogenous zone and to know the ring is installed practically as permanently as a tattoo.

And why have a Prince Albert ring? PA rings will never be simply a fashion accessory becuase they are not seen on causal acquaintance. Mine started as a slave ring, a mark of submission more relevant and initimate than a ring on a finger; a pa ring has the added function of keeping the slave turned on and intimately reminded of his slave status by the ring embedded deep in his cockhead and hanging between his legs. The first PA ring also a love token between myself and Paul, though he's gone now. But above all it feels horny, it's for me.


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