The Kilt and The Tawse

Scottish military soldier kilt uniformbare buttocks kilt

Scottish military uniforms include the kilt - the warm tartan cloth garment that wraps around the thighs and buttocks and is surprisingly warm to wear.

Legend has it that true Scotsmen wear no underwear with a kilt and maintain this tradition as a matter of pride. The legends state that soldiers of Scottish regiments' barracks when leaving the barracks must walk over a mirror at the Guardroom to check this detail.

The Scottish tradition of discipline includes corporal punishment administered to the buttocks of adults with a cane or tawse.

Although CP has been not officially sanctioned in the army for some while, during the National Service era it was possible that an offender would be strung up somewhere convenient (i.e. hands secured at shoulder height) and two soldiers ordered to either side of the offender to raise his kilt to reveal the buttocks for punishment with a swagger stick (= military pace stick) or cane.

Training Report

DATE: 18 July 1996
TO: Acting Sergeant (rt'd) Duncan, I.
FROM: Private Squaddie, J.
SECURITY: Not to be disclosed to third parties

Training commenced at 2015.

Subjects covered included:-

Application of Lochgelly senior Tawse type H at an initial dose of 6 strokes per buttock before walking out. Twelve strokes total. This would normally be properly recorded in the Regimental Punishment Book.

Practical training commenced with a short walk to the estaminets at which the opportunity was taken to remove jock to demonstrate correct walking out attire.

Further marches at Regimental pace of 85 paces per minute showed improved posture and balance.

Discussion at base with regard to future training yielded the following suggestions:

Further application of Lochgelly senior Tawse type H to both buttocks simultaneously at double the initial dose at three sessions for demonstration, training and discipline purposes. Thirty-six strokes total.

Training completed 2345.

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