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Toughening up: CP always hurts but you learn to accept the pain

a hazel stick used for cp on a bridge
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John, 5'9"/148lbs/40's (1m75/68kg); #2 cropped brown hair, slim, muscular, pa; weight trains, hikes regularly; wrestles and spars when possible.
Seeking CP on shorts or bare: belt cane tawse cat, mutual or as sub. Has CP frame and authentic gym horse. London, England.
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"Remember what lies behind you"

This page was conceived whilst in anticipation of a serious set of canings and completed sitting very much aware of the resultant stripes. Nice feeling: I hadn't been thoroughly caned for several months so I felt it.

Military Corporal Punishment: gaining your stripes

Sore-assed squaddies

Historically, flogging across the shoulders was used to impose military discipline on an unwilling soldiery. Flogging as a sentence from a Court Martial in the British army was abolished in 1868 by Act of Parliament (US army 1861) army but corporal punishment has persisted unofficially at least into the 1990's - three squaddies reportedly received 12 strokes of the birch in Shrewsbury in 1993 for taking cocaine on camp.

The "short sharp shock" of Guard Room CP has the advantages that the punishment is immediate, the soldier does not have the infraction entered on his record and the CO doesn't need to know about it so promotion prospects are unaffected by a local lapse of discipline.

Traditional authoritarian methods of correction have also persisted for those unable to achieve perfection at drill. This provides a particularly fertile starting point for CP in military discipline fantasy re-enactments.Bunker TQB 6/47 had slatted benches in the mess cabin which were memorably uncomfortable to recently striped sore-assed squaddies...

Taking corporal punishment "like a man" is also part of the process of toughening up: including circuit training where one station includes presenting for CP as well as callisthenic exercises such as pushups and sit-ups. The resulting stripes and reddening can be worn with pride.

The toughening up process on soldiers is like hardening in horticulture: tender young seedlings and buds are protected in the nursery but when older are hardened outdoors so the plants can grow strong and thicken their skin.

Ritual plays a large part in corporal punishment: the sentence is declared but administered some time later. Anticipation of the unknown breeds fear. In the military context, a particular uniform is required - the infamous KD khaki drill shorts were a favourite, more recently rugby/rugger shorts or other sportskit for doses of CP administered in the gym by the physical training instructor (PTI).

For sentences administered in the guard room, additional stress was imposed by requiring the defaulter to present for a kit inspection prior to punishment, with the high likelihood that additional CP would be awarded for faults.

British army olive green (OG) lightweight trousers are particularly effective at increasing the pain from CP when stretched tight across the buttocks. Wetting the material immediately prior to CP further increases the effectiveness of the punishment. These "tricks" can make CP received in uniform more painful than CP received bare.

As these have been unofficial punishments regulations do not exist so there is much local variation.

More about Modern Army Corporal Punishment

CP and hiking

It's different being beaten outdoors; the countryside contains many materials that can be used for corporal punishment; hazel is abundant and hazel switches can be particularly effective when used for CP. Instructing the CP sub to select and prepare the hazel rods creates an unusual bonding between weapon and target, as well as prolonging the anticipation. Ash and willow also make useful twigs.

More skill is required to make an effective birch of either the bushy type - "Eton birch" - or six straight rods - "Manx birch".

gate cp

Brecon Beacon stile cp



Me and another sub committed to an CP hike with a Master; there was a caning at every stile or gate with double for a water-crossing Five straight strokes and a crosswise one like a 5-bar gate... Each of us took six per stile or gate.

The pleasure of hiking in the countryside in army boots and rugger shorts was made poignant by scrutinising every opening vista for the looming threat of a stile or gate. We approached the first obstacle innocently enough but once our buttocks had received the sting of the cane the approach to each subsequent hurdle caused an involuntary adrenaline surge before being instructed to adopt the required position and receiving the stinging pain of our Master's canes resulting in deeply ridged buttocks.

For another hike to the same rules but with Mr M and Sam Hogan: Mr M required us to hike naked in boots only and to receive six strokes each stile or gate crossed. Sam was also up for a birching to be administered with him tied spread-eagled between two trees.

Mr M had chosen carefully a route on which he was confident we would be unlikely to encounter anyone else. This carefully chosen route also included a gate and two double stiles (a local speciality) in the first half-mile! Mr M magnanimously counted each double stile as a single obstacle.

Mr M's preparations and planning were meticulous and we did not need to don the shorts kept handy for emergencies. Once in the pine forest, we quickly left the main paths and would have heard others before we saw them. Mr M particularly enjoyed the sight of his handiwork on two well-striped naked men hiking with him.

Again the anticipation of an impending gate or stile was a big part of the session. Sam was also thinking about his scheduled appointment with the birch as we approached the forest.

"A walk with Mr M" on Sam Hogan's caning and spanking free, personal site celebrating the wonderful world of spanking and caning. With pics, video clips, links and much more [UK]

Ritual Flogging at Stone Circles

Dartmoor stone circle back flogging

Megalithic stone circles exist in many locations in the UK and Europe; some are as ancient as Stonehenge and their intended use cannot be determined with certainty. Stone circles are often located at topological features such as high points, watersheds or the presumed intersections of Iron Age or Stone Age highways.

Some stone circles are a single circle with a central stone, others are twin concentric circles or like a figure of eight. The focal point often has one stone that significantly differs from the rest; sometimes this faces the sunrise. One can speculate that such a position was chosen for a ritualistic orgiastic events. These feature stones are often highly suitable for attachment: ritual sacrifice is one common suggestion of their intended use.

Ritual flogging is another suggestion; the shape of some feature stones are entirely consistent with securing a victim for flogging, either as a manhood initiation, virility ritual or a sacrifice. A virgin would presumably have been sacrificed intact but a manhood initiation or virility ritual would be an occasion for a communal orgy.

My picture shows a double stone circle on Dartmoor, SW England, where back flogging seems one possible use for a feature stone at the centre axis of a figure-eight double stone circle.

Fear is a major factor in how bad pain feels.
A sub's pain tolerance is lowered after ejaculation.

A CP mate writes:

I have mentioned that I see a friend for heavy canings well we set up a scene for this week.

To add a different dimension it was agreed that I would run or go round on the bike go in and then be taken to the punishment bench stripped and only when I had been tied to the bench told what the punishment was to be. He was to be dressed in police uniform to make it a judicial/punishment style beating.

There was to be no other communication and after the beating I was to dress and depart. In addition I may be made to cum half way and then the beating to continue.

As I ended working late I came home, showered and went around on the bike in jaded jeans, army boots, white T-shirt and bike jacket.

I arrived and was taken to the punishment room and told to drop my jeans and then given a dozen with a whippy thin cane, then stripped and had to take another two dozen standing against the wall. As yet still not told what the final punishment was to be .

I then had to lie on the floor legs pulled up and beaten with a rubber hose on both the butt and thighs, still nothing about the final dose....

At last I was taken to the punishment bench, with at this point no idea of what I was still going to take. A dozen being administered before being tied to the bench (high and padded on top)

By now I had lost count of how many I had already taken or still had to come - it had been discussed in advance that the total would be between 50 -100.

I was now on the bench fully restrained and told I was to receive three sets of twelve with Singapore Cane and Shambok. At this point I was gagged with sweaty workout socks and blindfolded.

The first two sets where administered hard and fast, but then the next shock - I was told that this was to be the last of this section of the beating but not the end of the punishment. You can imagine my thoughts as having been prepared to take the last dozen I now had more to come or whether I would now be made to cum and the second half of the beating was still to be taken.

I was untied then taken to a workout bench and told to lie on it, but not told what I still had to take. I was unrestrained and told if I moved there would be even more to take.

Another three dozen hard strokes followed, using cat and both thin and Singapore canes and I was told to get up dress and get out, or that was what I thought. I dressed and got out of the front door and then was told to come back. I was taken to to the bench bent over and with my jeans having being lowered what then turned out to be the final 12 was administered.

It was a different beating from the normal set punishment with the strokes known in advance and I was high form both fear due to the uncertainty as to what was to come as well as coping with the pain of the actual beating.

Borstal Punishment Block CP

"Borstal" remains the slang for punishment centres for 18-21 year olds although the institutions previously named HMB (Her Majesty's Borstal) similarly to HMP (Her Majesty's Prison) have been subsequently renamed YoC (Young offenders Centres) and and YoI (Young offenders Institutions). Corporal Punishment has long since been illegal in these institutions.

From: Alan
Subject: Re: Punishment Block
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003

CP was widely used in Borstal up until I was there in 1982. It was unofficial and it was quite common to see other lads with striped on their arses. We didn't have punishment blocks at YoC Leicester but we had a punishment set of cells that where "away" from the main area.....this is also where the canings and strappings took place...
Caning was more of a sadistic/sexual thing with the screws although at the time I hated it and never wanted it we had no choice in most cases. It was either a beating or report.... AR

From: Paddy
Subject: Re: [Borstal] Punishment Block
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003

Yes, we had a punishment block at Everthorpe HMB. I spent a couple of nights in there for fighting with the Daddies of my Wing! All the furniture was actually made out of corrugated cardboard was removed from the cell in the day time and brought back in at supper time.
Life in the block as they called it, was pretty boring actually with lockup for 23 hours a day and just a Bible to read.

Subj: YOC CP
Date: 05/02/05
From: Dave

In the ealy 1990s I met a solicitor in a bar. He told me that he had been to Feltham YOC that day to see a client. In the visiting room the client spontaneously dropped his trousers to reveal stripes across his buttocks which he claimed had been caused by a Prison Officer's caning. Remember this was the early 1990s, long after this sort of thing was supposedly outlawed.

Borstal Corporal Punishment

From: Tug
Subject: Re: [Borstal] Absconders CP
Date: Thur, 1 Oct 2003

CP for runaways absconding from Borstal was mentioned recently in a news story. This is a summary:

Davey recalls one of his beatings at Besford Borstal / Senior Approved School in Worcestershire:. "I ran away with two Sunderland lads, Geordie and Tommy and a lad from Newcastle," he says. "We were caught by the railway police and taken back to Besford. There was a duty room next to the masters' room and in it was a vaulting horse, which was screwed to the floor. "I was stripped, placed over the vaulting horse, and my arms and legs were tied together. I was then given 12 to 13 strokes on the bare backside and I was bleeding and black and blue afterwards. You could hardly sit down. "It happened twice to me, but other lads got the same treatment." Geordie says: "I got the strap at least three times and I was black and blue for about six months. It hurt when you sat down."

For those who repeatedly stepped out of line, the masters had the "punishment wall"; about three feet high with a narrow top, where the bad lads would have to stand for up to eight hours. "The cruelty was inhumane," says George. "People will find it hard to believe." Dempsey, now 71, says: "It was a tough time for all of us. But it also toughened us up." Danny, now 60, says: "We learned how to look after ourselves. The lads today couldn't go through what we went through; they just wouldn't put up with it."

After Besford, some of the Besford lads - Davey, Dempsey and Geordie - emerged as some of the toughest bare-knuckle street fighters in Sunderland. The Besford lads met up recently in Sunderland for a reunion. It was the first time since their days at Besford that so many had met up in one place at the same time. They all, independently, remembered the floggings and the punishment wall, the window-less dormitories, the snow-covered beds and the weekly trips to Pershore. "It made men of us," says Danny. "They never broke our spirit," says Jimmy E. "The lads these days couldn't hack it," says Jimmy C. "There's a bond between us," says George. "Besford shaped us into what we are."

Besford Court, a grade II listed building in Worcestershire, closed in 1996 and has now been turned into luxury apartments.

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Bunkhouse adventure training weekend

November 2005

Kit inspection

We had a good CP weekend in Devon.
Eight guys in a bunkhouse in military uniform.
Arrival for some included haircrop then cold shower (hosing down outdoors) then punishment beating; further timed beatings every three hours.
Kit layout and inspections for some. Wholesome traditional institution food.
Punishments for those who disobeyed their orders.
Forfeits for those who showed lack of self-discipline.
A scheduled "Cornwall Barracks" punishment beating for one or two recidivists (persistent offenders).

two bar gatefive bar gate 

Outdoors: stormy autumn weather with gusty wind and heavy rain belts passing over.
I had a nice six mile daytime hike out on the Saturday with another similar skinhead; toughening each other up as we hiked by cutting progressively thicker hazel rods and giving each other swats depending on how many bars there were on the gates we passed.
We found a few had two bars, the majority are five bar gates.

fifteen bar cattle grid
Our route dealt us a cattle grid and we counted fifteen bars, which took quite a bit of staying power to take but we each made it.

Freshly cut hazel packs a surprising sting; the thicker rods have a decent weight that got both of us moving rather more than we expected. After we had cut a couple of hazel rods that we judged "satisfactory" we doubled them up in the style of a Manx birch. This made a good impression, though was more difficult to control the trajectory.

Quite close to the complete institution experience, though more adventure training weekend than weekend borstal. Previous weekends we have also played forfeit games.

These abusive and degrading punitive regimes that were proved to be of little worth in rehabilitation. See Scum (book by Alan Minton, BBC Play for Today (1977) and movie (1979) by Alan Clark) and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe.

How close can one come to the borstal experience for a recreational fantasy weekend among mates? I would reckon the following as a shopping list: formal sentencing in an official setting, transport in cuffs, borstal arrival including regulation borstal haircut ("very" short back and sides), shave, shower, and strip search then humiliating medical inspection and issue of uniform (short trousers). Rules, inspections, work detail plus education and sport (PT, rugger and boxing?) plus sexual abuse and bullying made tolerable by covert inmate-inmate fellowship under the common hated regime. And of course leading up to the formal, scheduled application of the sentence that was dished out originally, plus whatever else has been accrued along the way.

In reality, sustaining the whole humiliating borstal regime is hardly a turn-on but (like so much in the bdsmcp canon) it's a useful source of fantasies and an opportunity to step out of the usual day to day comfort zone with like-minded mates.

Why is senior borstal a popular gay fantasy, more so than prison or prisoner of war? I think there's a perception that corporal punishment was used more frequently at borstal and that it endured till more recently, including to within living memory. There's the link with skinhead culture, rebellious young-adult youth, plus a perception that (on the whole) the young adult criminals sent to borstal weren't guilty of the most serious crimes. Maybe also an element of infantilism by the uniform, the humiliation to an adult of being put back in to shorts.

What senior borstal means to me - get in touch: click here

Japanese traditional judicial CP

archaic Japanese judicial corporal punishment

I live in London but have visited my Master in Tokyo. When I was in Japan in October this year I received CP in the style of archaic Japanese judicial punishment: sitting cross-legged on a tatami mat, tied with a rope harness. Sitting cross-legged is a position of dishonour in Japan.
I received punishment across the shoulders from both the traditional thin and thick punishment sticks. The thin sticks sting and the thick bundle of sticks (as in the picture) lands with a heavy thud that bruises.
Rope body harnesses for control, ownership or punishment

Victorian CP: enema, figging and the cane

Caning became an art form in Victorian England; the full ritual of corporal punishment included a humiliating enema beforehand, the internal cleansing being being part of the expiation of the sin as well as ensuring a clean bottom was presented for punishment.

Figging or feaguing is the practice of inserting a finger of fresh ginger in the anus; this causes a intense internal burning sensation similar but different to that of oil-based menthyl muscle creams such as Ben Gay or Deep Heat. A freshly cleansed back passage assists the absorption process and waiting compels the sub to suffer waves of heat despite relaxing in an attempt to mitigate these. Relaxing also undermines tensing as a strategy to deal with the anticipated pain of punishment.

Unlike oil-based creams, the heat of the ginger stick increases as the sub clenches the anus and buttocks, so if the sub clenches when the cane hits, there is pain inside as well as outside. A sub will find that clenching between cuts hurts more so the natural reaction is to relax to try to mitigate the pain, but that just increases the rush of pain at the next strike. Not clenching also denies the sub the possibility of ejaculation during flogging.

After receiving the punishment, the ginger root is removed but the warmth remains for a quarter of an hour or more, especially when moving around or sitting down. There's a mood change as well: the sub has lost aggression and truculence and becomes more subdued and passive, possibly because there has been enough rapid absorption of the ginger as a suppository for a mild narcotic effect.

The mood change would be very desirable when the purpose of the punishment was to subdue boisterous or naughty behaviour at home, a far subtler requirement than the authoritarian sheer brutality of punishing a sentenced criminal in borstal or prison.

To summarise, the authoritarian Victorian punishment tripos of enema, figging and caning was an effective means of control of the unruly using humiliation, penetration and pain.

Ginger Suppositories - figging or feaguing the horses

Figging - The Art of Anal Ginger Root Play

Sir, I'm looking for an authentic Victorian caning Sir, please get in touch: click here

CP weapons - what hurts most?

Not all CP hurts the same. Sticks aren't the same as belts; twigs and straps are different too. Spanking with a hand is less severe than CP with a stick.

This is my own map of my perception of the severity of different types of spanking and corporal punishments using a variety of implements. This map is subjective and from on my own experience. It leaves out some "unofficial" implements that can deal out real pain: kitchen wooden spoon, wooden-backed hairbrush, carpet beater, electrical cord etc. Howver to include them would make the list almost endless!

The punishments grouped around the centre nearer the centre are the most severe: thick cane as used in Singapore prisons, Eton birch, Manx birch, signal or buggy whip, and not forgetting the ubiquitous simple Scots Taws as perfected as the Lochgelly tawse.

I have received punishment beatings on the back and buttocks from each of the implements mentioned and a few of them as bastinado (on the feet). Other factors such as the strength of the strokes and fear significantly influence how corporal punishment is received and how vicious and brutal it is. Individuals perceive flogging differently and react differently when beaten on the various target areas: shoulders, arse, thighs, chest, abs, feet or hands.

However in my experience an authentic naval tarred rope cat o'nine tails takes some beating for a fearsome and viciously effective combination of sting, cut, bruising and sheer weight of impact of flogging across the shoulders or the breech, meaning the exposed buttocks of a rating in the Royal Navy of the era when Britannia ruled the waves.

perception map of cp from cane, belt whip, cat, tawse

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In a message dated 15/03/04, Whtjacket writes:

John: I like the graphic, with a comment (see below). Your assessment pretty much squares with ours. Hemp cat is number one on all counts as you state.

When it comes to cutting, our experience is that the spray birch and the thin cord cats (as used in english prisons with a twine binding on the ends of the tails) are the ones that 'nick', usually when the tips wrap around the sides. Incidentally we think wrapping with the cat would have been standard practice, not necessarily on every stroke but occasionally with the long tails of the prison cat a wrap is inevitable, and those are the most attention getting and likely to nick. As for the birch, wrapping is an absolutely necessary part of the punishment, and will invariably nick if the birch rod is freshly cut and springy. We have never been able to make the single tail cut, so would disagree with your experience there. Although we haven't used long single tails (greater than 5 foot) with tapered ends (as opposed to crackers) and that would make a difference I suppose.

As for the graphic, although I like the effort to evaluate the four dimensions. It took me a bit of time to figure out that the chart should be read on the diagonal, that is, bruise to cut and sting to weight. Maybe arrows to indicate this? And maybe use 'thud' or impact instead of weight since the four discriptors should all describe effects rather than physical properties of the instrument. But overall a neat and intellectually sound way to describe this most complex and as you say personal dimension of pain. Will pass it along to my main cp partner P. and give you his reaction as well.


In a message dated 16/03/04, squaddie John writes:

I see what you mean about thud" or "weight", which I meant as "weight of impact".

I think there's a danger of over-intellectualising CP, which is inherently a non-intellectual - barbaric - process but it also helps to put some order into the chaos of different instruments.

There's another factor that I deliberately left out to avoid inflammatory or derogatory comment, the body shape of the recipient. Skin over muscle reacts differently to those with greater body fat, this is one reason that some of us cut more readily than others.

An other is that almost every CP weapon is an individual: I think density, shape, flexibility are all relevant. Just think of the numerous variations for apparently similar golf clubs... and that's before variations in the swing of application are discussed...

Yes, wrap around is another factor...

Let me know.

cheers from London


In a message dated 16/03/04, Whtjacket writes:

Agree with your comments on the role of body fat in cutting. Yet, with P and me as book ends in that spectrum, both of us have had similar expriences. I think the body fat (me) tends to react a bit less to impact, although I get marks that last longer, so am 'bruising' I guess more than P. But he, who is almost a perfect example of low body fat because he doesn't own a car and rides a bike at least 100 miles a week, doesn't cut any more than I do. And I think tolerates pain a bit less than me, which is another dimension you didn't mention...pain tolerance. But that is for another day I think..


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