Rope bondage and rope knot body harnesses used for punishment or as a control and ownership symbol.

Rope can be used to make a body harness - there are several forms depending on the application. Usually a double strand circles the body between the neck and through between the legs. Knots are added at strategic places both to create pressure points for the wearer and to keep other parts of the harness in place. Folklore has it that the positions of these knots in a penance or punishment harness is related to the offence being punished.

At the time of writing this page I have been wearing a rope harness for more than about 30 hours. It was placed on me at the beginning of a bondage session last night while the rope was wet and as it has dried out the rope has shrunk and the knots have tightened.

I slept ok but with some high intensity dreams.

Now the places where the rope touches my skin are getting quite sore. There are three distinct types of sensation; the feeling that became noticeable first was around the neck and between the legs, a sort of burning. Later a constriction feeling around the abdominals and pectorals became apparent which is impossible to escape by breathing in or holding in the stomach - the rope harness adjusts to compensate; there is no relief. Finally there is a sharp cutting pain when the harness shifts and the red raw skin underneath is exposed again. This is not unlike the feeling when a clothes pin is removed and is most apparent where the harness crosses my tits and around the waist.

Of course the harness can be used to retain a plug or other toys but the endurance of this is not so great as the harness alone.

I'd be very interested to hear further comments concerning either the traditions associated with rope harnesses or other users' fantasies and experiences either from other submissives or from sadists. You could also have a look at my pages Hojojutsu or Hojojutsu "Butterfly" rope harness worn tight as fetish bondage

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Picture shows a relatively simple harness - the one I am wearing has five knots down the front.

I don't understand why the trowel is in the picture - can anyone "read" this please

Hojojutsu "Butterfly" rope harness worn tight as fetish bondage

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