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Nils' Tantric Masturbation log - web blog

Thanks to Nils in Germany for his masturbation log starting Tuesday October 4th 2005.

Tuesday 04.10.2005

08.000 - 08.45 Tantric Masturbation. Long session without break. Start in underpants, undershirt. Tantric Masturbation position taken, right and left hands slowly massaging body and bulge in underpants. When fully erect, underpants down to knees; erection oiled, masturbation proper begins. Right hand mainly. Left hand roves gently around body and massages testicles. Underpants and shirt cast aside. 5 'highs' achieved. (A 'high' is when I reach the Edge, and stay there, just on the point of orgasm. This can last 4 - 5 minutes, but then I must relax and come back down, otherwise orgasm sets in. This morning without Prince Albert ring; no Orgasm/Ejaculation. Underpants pulled on over very stiff erection after session.

13.00 - 13.30 Tantric Masturbation. Shorter session, clothed. Pants pulled down to ankles, underpants also. Sitting in chair, in front of mirror, without Prince Albert ring, no Orgasm/Ejaculation

23.30 - 23. 50 In Bed. Underpants slipped down to knees under the bedclothes. Left hand keeps sheets above erection. Masturbation slow at first - a favourite position of mine. Building up to orgasm. One Tantric Masturbation exercise is to breath deeply while masturbating, flushing the body with the sexual energy. A further exercise is to breath in VERY deeply while experiencing orgasm, rather then the shallow grunts that are usual when men come. Breathing in deeply at the moment of orgasm opens all blood channels and truly electrifies the body with the orgasmic charge......I manage three great deep controlled breaths during orgasm, and the sensation is overwhelming! Sperm everywhere, on my hair, balls, hands. I pull up my underpants and let the white cotton absorb the sperm, cleaning my hand on the inside of the pouch. Fresh pair in the morning, but I like the odor of sperm the next morning...makes me ready for the next session!

Wednesday 06.10.2005

10.00 - 10.35 Tantric Masturbation. Same position. With Prince Albert (I usually wear it for 2 weeks, and take it out for 5 days). Poppers Challenge. (The Poppers Challenge is a challenge that I give myself ocassionally. After 20 minutes masturbation, I allow myself to inhale poppers 3 times through each nostril, and lie back and continue masturbating. The flush of poppers is particularly satisfying, and brings me right to the edge of orgasm, but the challenge is to keep from ejaculating. After the rush, the high, I relax, and masturbate slowly and play with my testicles, keeping them loose and away from my body by forming a ring around my balls with thumb and index finger, and tugging them away from the body (a Tantric Masturbation exercise to prevent ejaculation!). After a few moments, I give myself another hit of poppers, and go through the same ecstasy. And then finally a 3rd hit. This is maximum. It is very sexual. I won, so no Orgasm/Ejaculation.

21.30 - 22.05 Tantric Masturbation in Tantric Masturbation position. Long and slow, without a break. no Orgasm/Ejaculation. To bed with a raging hard on....difficult to get to sleep, but I make it!!

Thursday 07.10.2005

07.30 - 08.20 Tantric Masturbation. After 20 minutes, I stand and spread my legs in front of the mirror, and do a series of 'knee-bends', causing my cock to bounce up and down. After a few minutes, I become very aware of the weight of my erect cock, it's connection to my body. It stiffens even more. In this position, I inhale poppers deeply, and in the hot flush of the poppers rush, I let my cock bounce wildly, watching myself in the mirror. It's a wild sight. I drop on the bed and masturbate for another 20 minutes, and the let go....hot white sperm on my body, my hand, my balls, my hair! I lick it off my hands. I like the taste of my sperm. Orgasm/Ejaculation

23.00 - 23.20 Masturbation in bed. Same as before, underpants at my knees. Deep breathing at orgasm, sensation truly overwhelming! Orgasm/Ejaculation

Friday 08.10.2005

7.45 - 09.20 Tantric Masturbation. 3 x 20 minute sessions. After each session, with 3-4 'highs', I stand up, pull on my underpants and let my penis get slightly soft (the erection never fully goes). Then back to the Tantric Masturbation position, and I remove my underpants and continue masturbation. After 2nd session, I remove my PA before pulling on my briefs. 3rd session without PA. How different my cock feels, the full cockhead unhindered by the ring! Finally, I pull on my underpants to my knees, stand in front of the mirror and masturbate to a 'high' once again, and then pull up my briefs and breath deeply. No Orgasm/Ejaculation

Saturday 09.10.2005

10.00 - 10.45 Tantric Masturbation. Long session without break. Poppers Challenge. Lost on third inhale! , Still, satisfying Orgasm/Ejaculation!

Sunday, 09.10.2005,

22.15. I'm sending this now. May masturbate in bed tonight. Interested to hear your comments.


Thu, 1 Dec 2005 04:47

Hi John -

I'm proud that you chose my record to publish...I read over it again from your site, and got a hard on in my briefs, and dropped my pants to play. I'm still doing Tantric, at least twice a day, and haven't come for 8 days....balls nice and tingling. I don't know how long I'll hang in there...my TM sessions are becoming shorter, since I'm truly afraid of ejaculating with orgasm. I have 3 times ejaculated sperm (once quite a lot!!!) without orgasm, and the wonderful thing is that the sperm makes a great lube, first slick and then frothy and white-creamy!! But, the wonder of ejaculating without orgasm is that the cock stays hard, and I can keep going!!! It feels great, to spurt sperm without orgasm...I can feel it swelling up in my balls and just seeping out (not spurting, as usual!). Man, what a fucking fantastic think, a guy's cock and balls!!! I let the cream and juice build up under my foreskin for 3 days at a time....I just love the man smell down there...it makes me even hornier than usual!!! (But, in case my colleagues notice it at meetings/receptions, I have to shower thoroughly on the 4th day! Even the Cock-Tail receptions I have to attend wouldn't appreciate my ripe smell. Sometimes, on day 2, I can smell my cock as I sit openlegged at my desk....hmmm...I get an instant hard on!

Still happy to be part of your website, and to make records/send reports as you wish.

Bis bald wieder, Dein Wichs-Bruder,


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